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  • Oliver Karius participates in the Bellagio Initiative and the EVPA
  • LGT Venture Philanthropy's portfolio now includes 20 deals with approx. USD 9m committed. (
  • LGT Venture Philanthropy's team stands at 19 across 5 global regions.


  • Our partner DeRisk launches innovative risk mitigation service offering with MIGA. (


  • Oliver Karius is a co-founder of the WEF-aligned African Social Entrepreneurs Network. (
  • Extensive travels across South- and East Africa and India to conduct due diligence on promising social enterprise organizations.


  • Our co-founder, Oliver Karius, joined LGT Bank to launch LGT Venture Philanthropy. (
  • Developed and implemented an innovative investment approach for Forma Futura, a new independent asset management company focusing on "sustainable quality of life" in Zurich. (
  • Conducted a corporate sustainability assessment and developed a strategic sustainability framework for the largest private real estate developer in the world in Dubai. ( Watch the video.



  • A study of risk mitigation of development investments "SIRIF Investment Risk Study" in co-operation with the Global Exchange for Social Investment (GEXSI). Identification and development of piloting risk mitigation mechanisms for investors in emerging market SMEs and social enterprise.  SIRIF Investment Risk Study 
  • Our partners co-founded "DeRisk" - a risk intermediary for investors in businesses and projects in developing countries, providing unique access to a wide spectrum of risk coverage (
  • Analyzed the market for a Bio-Feedstock (Ethanol & Bio-Diesel) project in Mozambique. (June 06)
  • Developed an incubation program for social enterprise in India and Honduras with a specific focus on the provision of the right capital mix (private, public and philanthropic) in co-operation with Social Fusion. ( (March 06)
  • Conducted a market study for the development of a ClimateChange Fund focusing on a full-spectrum multi-asset investment strategy for Generation Investment Management. (June 06)
  • Advised in developing socially responsible investment offerings for Central Eastern Europe. (2005)


VantagePoint Global (VPG) is an independent organization dedicated to promoting sustainable investing in emerging markets such as Brazil, India, Africa, China and Eastern Europe. 


VPG applies a networked, project-based venture capital model to make knowledge, networks and capital available to local organizations and initiatives in emerging markets that provide sustainable investment services needed to favor and promote sustainable development as well as increase the transparency in these markets.


VantagePoint Global supports “structural innovation projects” to improve access to capital and competences to local entrepreneurs and aims to “incubate and support” local organizations. These organizations have the skills, knowledge and experience to provide the practical services investors interested in sustainable investment need in emerging markets.


VantagePoint Global supports organizations and initiatives that contribute to building capacity for sustainable investment services, enhanced awareness creation and the experience of sustainable best practices locally. As a consequence, a positive impact on environmental, social and developmental benefits is expected.


VantagePoint Global supports the following broad activity categories:  

  • Information / research services: activities include sustainable investment research, benchmarking, indexing, and rating, due diligence, risk analysis, assurance and data management.
  • Knowledge infrastructure building / incubation: activities include training, incubation, education, networking and partnerships, communication platforms, industry association services.
  • Specialized investment activities / mechanisms: activities include developing innovative mechanisms to foster capital flows and sustainable investment, e.g. risk mitigation mechanisms for SMEs and social enterprise or micro-equity investment.