VantagePoint Global (VPG) is dedicated to building capacity for sustainable investment in emerging markets such as Brazil, India, South-Africa, China and Eastern Europe.


For sustainable development in emerging markets to become a reality it is critically important for local markets to be transparent and demonstrate the required knowledge and practice themselves. To contribute to this development VPG uses the leverage that business and capital markets offer for promoting sustainability. Based on its associates’ long-term experience in sustainable finance and sustainable development, VPG aims to build the capacity for sustainable investment in emerging markets.


VantagePoint Global's (VPG) purpose is to support organizations, companies and initiatives that have the skills, knowledge and experience to provide the services and products that promote sustainable investment. VPG applies a networked, project-based venture capital model to make financial and intellectual resources available to these organizations.


Supporting local organizations, companies and initiatives, together with VantagePoint Global's (VPG) knowledge and network base will help create enhanced market intelligence, appropriate financial mechanisms and adequate due diligence for companies, investors or foundations planning sustainable investing in emerging and frontier countries.


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